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The oblate craft hovered silently before Carrie’s face. “Please complete retinal scan to confirm delivery,” an automated voice commanded. Carrie obliged, sending the contents of her package scurrying to the opposite side of the drone. “Delivery confirmed.” The ship descended. The humans, huddled tightly together in a quaking mass of fear, shuffled out of the ship of their own volition, recognising the far more unpleasant alternative.

A middle-aged man in the group observed his captor towering high above him. A single bulging eyeball in the middle of her face, a narrow mouth underneath. Elephantine skin covered a humanoid frame with arms stretching all the way to her knees and ending in three elongated digits. The sight of the monstrosity coupled with his unknown fate was too much to bear. The man turned on his heels and sped off. At that moment, a smaller cyclops, a child, darted out from behind a cluster of trees and was upon the man in seconds. Three leathery fingers coiling around his neck. Crack!

Carrie retrieved the limp body, “Not to worry darling, I’ll use it to make sandwiches for afternoon tea. But, please, try to be a bit gentler with your new toys.”

(199 words)

This is my contribution to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction

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