©Mike Vore

“Once you get on to Grave Road, it’s a straight shot to our place. But, listen, make sure you turn left onto Chisholm before the abandoned house with the ‘no trespassing’ sign. Just follow that road around until you come back out onto Grave.”


“It’s…it’s scenic, you’ll like it.”

“If you say so, see you soon sis!”

“I’m serious. Take Chisholm.”

“Okay, okay, bye.”


“Why did Elena move out here again?” Jacob queried.

“The house was too cheap to turn down. Plus she loves the quiet.”

Grave road. Jesus. Was Cemetery Street taken?” Jacob scanned the line of barren trees to his right, their branches resembling long crooked fingers.

“Shit,” Alex exclaimed, looking back over her shoulder, “we were supposed to take Chisholm, remember?”

“What’s the big deal?” Jacob continued driving.

“Elena insisted. It was kinda weird actually.”

“Well, I’m not turning around now.”


The SUV hummed along the deserted road. “How far is this place babe?” Jacob grimaced at the purple sky fading slowly to black. “We’ve been on this damn road for over an hour.”

Alex stared out the window, oblivious. “Four,” her lips trembled as they drove past the abandoned house again.

This short story is my first entry to Sunday Photo Fiction. The challenge is to write a story in 200 words or less based on the photo prompt.

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