Well guys, it’s July 1 which means we’re somehow already at the mid-point of 2017 and by next week it’ll be Christmas. Now, there’s no use descending into a blind panic realising you failed to accomplish any of the things you had hoped to by this point in the year (and of course by you I mean me). So why not accentuate the positives instead? In just over two weeks, on July 16th, the phenomenon that has captivated television audiences the world over and toyed with your emotions for ten weeks every year, having zero regard for your favourite characters, FX’s vampire thriller The Strain returns for season four!

I’m kidding of course, I stopped watching The Strain after season two and the only way you could possibly get me to consider revisiting it is if you promised me that annoying little brat Zach has his blood drained within the first five minutes of season three.

If you haven’t realised by now, I’m talking about Game of Thrones, where obnoxious teenagers die all the time (hopefully you’re next, Robin Arryn, you smarmy bastard). HBO’s landmark series is returning about three months later than it has in previous years but the wait is almost over. The only downside is that this signals the beginning of the end with just two (shortened) seasons remaining, after which, TV may as well be cancelled forever.

Mild spoilers ahead so you might want to stop reading if you’re not caught up

I’m envious of the person who has just emerged from under a rock, or a coma (maybe not so much that one), and just discovered Game of Thrones. That lucky individual who has finally given in to their friends’ pleas to join the hive-mind and is in the middle of a mega-binge of seasons one to six. What an experience that would be, if you somehow managed to steer clear of spoilers all this time. I did something similar with five seasons of Breaking Bad which was terrific but probably not quite on the same level as GoT.

I recently re-watched season six in preparation for the season seven premiere. While I cannot definitively say it is the best one to date, it certainly has some of the most iconic moments. Episode five, “The Door”, was equally as heart-wrenching as the first time I saw it. In episode nine, “The Battle of the Bastards”, the shot of Jon Snow in the middle of the battlefield, as Ramsay’s horsemen bear down on him, rivals anything I’ve seen, cinematically, in television or film. There’s the entire opening sequence of the season finale, made better still by this masterful accompanying score.

And the ending shot of Khaleesi and her fleet sailing for King’s Landing gave me so many chills I began to wonder if, in fact, winter was here, in Jamaica! If for some bizarre reason you aren’t pumped for season seven, all you need do is revisit last season’s finale. It’s an outstanding hour of television.

And, if you want to find out if you’re really ready for season seven, for the great war that’s about to come, head on over to BuzzFeed and take this quiz I created (click here).

You’ll need to have a good memory of all previous seasons and brush up on your Westerosi spelling if you’re going to ace this test. Leave a comment here with your results so I can see who the real Game of Thrones fans are or just comment under the quiz itself.