Logan clawed and hacked and slashed its way into theatres last week, marking an impressive ninth and final appearance for Hugh Jackman as the iconic adamantium-laced X-Man, Wolverine. The Mumblr caught up with one avid comic book movie fan to get his take on the film.

Warning: Major SPOILERS for Logan  and Old Man Logan ahead

So after almost two decades, fans are finally being treated to an R-rated Wolverine. Was it worth the wait?

Yes! Finally! Dismemberment, decapitations, copious blood splatter and a fuck-tonne of F bombs. Combine all that with the bleak tone and you end up with a movie that offers the truest interpretation of the character so far. Going back and watching X-Men Origins and seeing Wolverine pull his claws out of someone’s gut without a single ounce of blood on them looks even more ridiculous after you’ve seen Logan.

I would say, though, that while the evisceration and the acrobatic foot-claw stabbings are fun for the first half of the movie, by the time Logan is galloping through the forest in his custom white tank top, slicing off the faces of neatly lined-up soldiers, it’s begun to wear a bit thin.

It’s a bit like John Wick. After head shot number 214 you’re just like, “we get it Keanu, you have great aim.”

Do you have a favourite scene?

Yes, the hotel scene, after Xavier releases a psychic blast. First of all, we get the closest and most visceral view of Wolverine puncturing brains. But we’re also reminded that, even though he’s closing in on 100, Professor  X is still an extremely powerful mutant. I like to think he was somewhat in control of his powers at that point instead of having a seizure because he missed his pills. Then again, I suppose if that were the case he could’ve stopped X-24 from stabbing him in the chest.



That’s right, Charles dies for the second time in the X-Men franchise…

His death might’ve had less impact than when Jean Grey pulverised him in The Last Stand but Logan burying him while fighting back tears tugged on the heart strings a little bit.

Still, Patrick Stewart bows out on a high because crazy, potty-mouth Professor X is the best version of the character.

I agree. Now, I understand you are familiar with the Old Man Logan comic on which the film is loosely based. How would you compare the two?

Well, loosely is an understatement! They certainly nailed the old man part but aside from the road trip aspect and the other X-Men being wiped out, there’s not much crossover.

One of the great tragedies of our time, apart from wars and terrorism, and Harambe and of course Donald Trump, is that Marvel went bankrupt and had to sell the movie rights to their A-list characters to various studios. If this hadn’t been the case then we’d see Avengers alongside X-Men (or even fighting each other) and Old Man Logan could’ve been faithfully recreated with a colossal showdown between Wolverine and the Hulk and Hulk’s inbred children (don’t ask).

You mentioned the other X-Men being notably absent from this film. In the comic it was Wolverine, not Xavier, who was responsible for their deaths. What did you think of this change to the story?

In the comic, after Wolverine has been tricked into killing the X-Men by Mysterio (obviously couldn’t happen in the movie because Sony owns that character) he makes a promise to never use his claws again instead finding more creative ways to decapitate people, like using Captain America’s shield. So the anticipation builds and builds to that inevitable epic moment when he finally unleashes the claws again after Hulk murders his family. I would have liked to have seen something similar in the movie but it took all of 2 minutes for Logan to start cutting off arms. Having Xavier bear the guilt serves the story well nevertheless.


James Mangold and co. couldn’t get the Hulk so they had to come up with a new character to face off against Logan, X-24. Was he a suitable replacement?

On one hand, choosing to go with an evil Wolverine clone, as opposed to someone from his healthy roster of enemies, seems a bit of a cop out to me. Not to mention, Logan versus a genetically engineered killing machine has been done (in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) but let’s not bother rehash that painful debacle.

On the other hand, having to fit in a proper backstory for anyone other than Sabretooth could have made the movie seem bloated. An exact clone was perhaps the natural progression after Laura/X-23’s introduction.

In Wolverine’s last outing he faced off against a computer generated Silver Samurai robot. This time the director chose to eschew a visual effects laden third act. Was that a good thing?

Absolutely. The ending to The Wolverine virtually ruined a decent film. But Logan is not without its shortcomings in the effects department. CGI Hugh Jackman is too easily noticeable and a digitally de-aged Jackman as X-24 is off-putting at times. From the moment he and Logan crossed paths I was reminded of full CGI, young Arnold Schwarzenegger as a new terminator in the otherwise forgettable Terminator Salvation. And if you’re evoking memories of that movie then you’re doing something wrong.

Of course, this fight with X-24 is one Logan doesn’t walk away from. Was it a fitting end for the character?

I appreciate that the person who ended up killing Wolverine was essentially himself. Dafne Keen (Laura) did well to add emotional heft as Logan finally succumbed to his injuries. I’m not sure it was the perfect send off for Logan but the movie was only ever going to end with his death given Jackman is retiring. Maybe it’s because I view Wolverine as virtually unkillable. I half expected three blood soaked claws to burst out of his grave before the credits rolled.


Where would you like to see them take the character from here?

Hugh Jackman’s dedication to the role for 17 years is nothing to be scoffed at and I’d like if Fox honoured that by leaving the character alone for a while as opposed to immediately recasting. It’s just a shame we won’t get to see a Deadpool/Wolverine team-up, at least not with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

I wouldn’t mind if X-23 took over stabbing duty actually. I’m sure the X-Men writers would have no qualms about using time travel to bring her into the core X-Men universe.

Ok, final thoughts on the movie and where does it rank in the X-Men universe?

My verdict on Logan is that it’s a good movie that finally does justice to the beloved character but it doesn’t quite reach greatness because of a mediocre (compared to the rest of the movie) third act. That’s enough to make it easily the best Wolverine movie but it remains just behind Deadpool and X-Men Days of Future Past for me.