Not sure why I even have snapchat. Despite being on it for months I only just posted my first snap the other day. It was this beaut.

The Super Blood Moon in all its glory

C’mon Apple, you’re telling me an iPhone 6 can’t properly photograph a massive object that’s just 239,000 miles away? Please have your shit together by 2033 for the next super moon eclipse.

So even though the app is really just taking up precious real estate on my measly 16GB hard drive, I’ll admit the new snapchat features are a fun little gimmick. And I like to keep abreast of the times, see what the attention deficient youth of today are occupied with for the next 5 minutes. I don’t want to become one of those old people whose brain turns to jelly in the vicinity of technology ( Hi mum!).

However, aggressively poking my phone screen expecting to be turned into a demon before realising some time later that I may not yet have gotten the update suggests that becoming one of those aforementioned people may be unavoidable.

Obviously the rainbow vomit caught my attention and immediately I had the idea to incorporate skittles into a snapchat video. You know, ‘taste the rainbow’ and whatnot. But then I thought, there’s absolutely no way someone hasn’t come up with this already. So I did a quick search for #skittles on Instagram and, of course, people were barfing colours all over the place.

Demoralised after seeing this, I decided that buying a bag of skittles, which are a piss poor excuse for a candy anyway, and posting the video to Instagram ( I didn’t even plan to actually snapchat it) for 5 likes, from people who all have the same last name as me, just wasn’t worth the trouble.

Anyway, all this to say, how the hell do I come up with an original idea in this age of the monster that is the Internet? And not even just original but something truly unique. Sure, there was an initial poster of the ‘taste the rainbow’ bit but you wouldn’t exactly say that the other people who had the same idea were copying the first uploader.

All I’m waiting for is that lightning strike of inspiration, maybe in a dream or, you know, mid-shit. Then I’ll just need to find a way to monetise that idea and that’s me retired into hermitage at 35.Β At the very least, I’m looking to go viral for a few days until the next ‘mmmm oh my god’ or ‘duck army’ comes along and I’m banished to Internet oblivion.

Wait, what about, instead of tasting the rainbow….nope, already taken.