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Someone please tell me Steven Gerrard didn’t miscontrol a pass he’s dealt with 472 million times in his career without a second thought.

Tell me he didn’t slip on the pristine Anfield turf.

Surely we didn’t pull a reverse Istanbul on ourselves and blow an incredibly comfortable 3-0 lead in 12 minutes against fucking Crystal Palace.

Tell me that after inexplicably letting Palace back into the game, Victor Moses, staring at the emptiest of nets, didn’t completely fluff his kick.

An alternate earth: Moses, given the freedom of a parted Red Sea, keeps LFC’s slim title hopes alive.
Tell me Gerrard didn’t give a speech in front of the entire world telling his team ‘to not let it fucking slip’ and thereby provide rival fans on twitter with meme and vine ammunition for another decade.

Tell me the title slipping away didn’t cause the best player in the league, as recognised by the PFA and the Football Writers and anyone with half a brain,  to completely break down…giving rival fans on twitter meme and vine ammunition for an additional 10 years.

How cruel would the football deities have to be to allow these events to occur? Is one, single, fucking premier league title too much to ask for for one of the greatest English midfielders of his generation?

I know Gerrard is a tough character and he would have bounced back from disappointment before but this one could be too soul sapping…even for him. I would bet that he’ll be considering retirement this summer after England get knocked out in the group stages in Brazil.

All I’m reading from the glass half full Liverpool fans is that we were never supposed to be here. No one goes from 7th to 1st in one season and all that. Fair enough. We achieved our primary objective and made it back into the CL. We’re heading straight into the group stages and forgive the Wengerism but that’s an achievement in itself. We’ve done it by scoring 99 goals so far (we might even break Chelsea’s record) playing the most eye-catching football in the land. But, make no mistake, in a few years, when we’re looking back at this season, the things that will come to mind first are that god-forsaken slip, the Palace debacle (Crystanbul they’re calling it, Christ), Suarez’s tears and just how excruciatingly close we were.

Don’t try to soften the blow. Don’t tell me there were other costly moments in the season that had just as much bearing on the final outcome as the two most recent missteps. Don’t speak to me about Allen’s missed chance to put us 3-1 up against Everton. Don’t talk to me about Toure’s suicide pass to gift Anichebe and West Brom an equaliser . They may represent unnecessarily dropped points but we were fighting for 4th then. No one could say we were in the drivers seat in November or February. Last Sunday we were.

1 draw…2 wins. If Gerrard doesn’t slip, the worst result we get from that match is 0-0. Ok, I can’t possibly know that…but I do know it. We then hold on against Palace and destroy Newcastle. The title goes to Anfield.

It could be the current malaise clouding my mind but I don’t think we get this close again for a long time. City strengthen and gel, Chelsea strengthen and gel. They won’t be dropping stupid points next time around. Especially not Chelsea. United will be back in the picture. Arsenal will be there or thereabouts. It’s going to be tough.

Being a Liverpool fan, I’ve known not to get too confident, especially when it comes to the league. I wasn’t bragging to anyone that we were going  to win it, even when we were within touching distance. I admit it was hard not to get caught up in the waves of optimism from other supporters who seemed they would’ve put their houses on a first title in 24 years. But I still had to stay quiet because I knew disappointment could be just around the corner.

And there it was…watching, waiting, like ‘death’ behind David Moyes at Goodison to scythe us fans down at the knees.

I’ve experienced barren seasons before but at least we’ve usually known our fate pretty early on. A season is a long time and to get all the way down to the wire…all the way to the last day and end up with nothing is going to be much harder to take.

I don’t even understand how some are already looking forward to next season.

You know what, fuck football! I’m considering not even watching the World Cup. It’ll just be more disappointment if Brazil doesn’t win it.

*****watched some Game of Thrones, heart beating at a regular rate now*****

The most I’ve ever written regarding Liverpool has been under 140 characters. It seems a disservice to the club that my first real post about them is a downer, so I’ll at least end it like this…

Dear beautiful, omnipotent football gods. I would take immense pleasure in being made to look an absolute moron by writing this before the season has ended, if you could somehow take the dark and sinister misfortune that has enveloped my team in the past 8 days and throw it on to Pellegrini’s blues. Or…if Liverpool to Manchester is too far, just take the misfortune from that other club. In fact that would probably work better.