I’m a massive fan of the black and white Twilight Zone. I may have recently found myself there.

I got my first follower a couple days ago. I’d like to thank my parents, for always believing in me….I jest. I did the polite thing and had a look at his blog. It’s fitness related. What I read was primarily focussed on helping to build muscles, something which I criminally lack. I should probably give it another look, perhaps a follow.

The first post you see on his page though is a link to a website called lonelyblogs.com that supposedly helps to promote blogs that don’t see much traffic. Having a grand total of 4 followers in just under a year on Tumblr you can see why it piqued my interest. But I didn’t check it out at the time.

A few hours later, I’m updating my own blog and I remember the promotion site. I type ‘lonelyblog.com’ into the address bar. Strange, google tells me it cannot be found and asks if I want to try lonelyblog.net. So I click on it…

I’m sent to a minimalist grey and white page titled…you guessed it… ‘Lonely Blog’. This is the first paragraph of the first post

After almost 40 years on this planet I have managed to turn into a completely lonely person. There it is, my big secret is finally out. I can describe the chronology that preceded this present, I can see the chain of objective events as well as the choices I’ve made that ended me up here, but I am still not able to stop wondering how I brought this on myself. I have become incredibly used to my loneliness, so much I believe now I am depended on it and yet I find myself surprised and disturbed by it every single day. Because you see, I did want to be lonely, I did not choose to have no friends, no companion, no lover, no human beings as part of my life. So now, as a last resort I’ve decided to use this as my latest attempt reaching out there and if no one reads this blog – hey… at least it gives me something to do, and I really need to find something to do with myself since it’s very hard to keep oneself occupied completely alone. I’ve decided to write in English although it is not my first language so I can only hope any errors I may have will not be too embarrassing.

I’m immediately taken aback. This is me!

Alright, not quite. But it could be. I’m a decade behind and I’m not a woman, as this person was revealed to be. But if I continue on my current trajectory, the only thing standing between me and this position, is reassignment surgery.

I’ve felt (completely fabricated) an eerie connection with the universe lately due to a few strange coincidences I’ve experienced. But this one has hit much too close to home for my liking.

Is this some mysterious entity, a higher power, trying to send me a message?

It’s surely a sign I must endeavour to make changes so that I don’t take over the mantle of the lonely blogger.

One more weekend locked up in my apartment, cut off from the rest of civilisation, can’t hurt though….can it?