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I’ll admit I wasn’t too enthusiastic for the thunder god’s second adventure. There could be a number of reasons why: The first one wasn’t anything special. Marvel’s last offering, Iron Man 3, was lacklustre. It could even have been the odd November release date. Nevertheless, I wasn’t about to buck the trend of seeing every Marvel movie on the big screen.

Turns out my apathy towards The Dark World wasn’t unwarranted. A weak story, mildly entertaining action and perhaps not enough Loki make Thor 2 watchable at best.

While the movie in its entirety may not have been a memorable one, there were a few moments that stood out:

Thor jumping off the balcony and catching Mjolnir mid-flight. Heimdall getting in on the action this time around and taking down one of the dark-elves’ ships. Thor using a lightning bolt to turn Malekith into two-face. And of course, the anti-matter grenades or mini black hole bombs, whatever they’re called.

My favourite scene would probably be the one where Loki is trying to get under Thor’s skin with his shapeshifting tricks. And the Chris Evans cameo as Captain America was a nice addition. If I’m honest though, if there’s a cameo from another avenger I would’ve wanted to see, it would definitely have been the hulk. Especially since he and Thor went toe to toe in Avengers in the most impressive, albeit short, fight in the Marvel Universe so far.

Thor 2 was not without the witty one-liners that are customary in all the Marvel films. Loki, Darcy, Selvig and even Thor himself responsible for one or two chuckles.

Heath Ledger’s turn as the Joker and perhaps Loki himself in the Avengers may have set the bar too high but these superhero flicks are nothing without a compelling villain. Malekith certainly didn’t represent one. I’m a bit unconvinced by his motivation throughout the film. He wanted the Aether so he could destroy everything and there would be complete darkness again. Well, it’s pretty dark in space. All he had to do was switch off the lights in his ship and just float around out there. Problem solved.

As with all sequels, stakes must be raised, which undoubtedly meant someone important was going to kick the bucket. Sadly the axe fell on the unfortunately named Frigga. I say ‘sadly’ but I’m not sure anyone really cared, I certainly didn’t. Thor, Loki and Odin didn’t seem all that bothered either…maybe because her funeral was so beautiful.

I thought the Thor/Sif relationship we got a glimpse of in part I might have been explored a bit more this time around. However it was wittled down to a brief conversation between the two and Sif aiming a jealous glare at Jane that surely would have melted Jane’s face if the Aether wasn’t protecting her. I love Natalie Portman but personally I would’ve chosen Sif.

Jaimie Alexander’s role as Sif is so minor I think she should jump ship to DC and start twirling that lasso of truth. I also believe Idris Elba is wasted as Heimdall and his talents could be better used portraying Green Lantern John Stewart in the inevitable Justice League movie.

Marvel Studios

Speaking of the competition, seeing a super powered being in a flowing red cape you can’t help but cast your mind back a few months to Man of Steel. While Man of Steel was the better movie in my (biased) opinion I’m glad that Alan Taylor didn’t go berserk with CGI during the fight scenes like Snyder did. Although, the scene towards the end, where Thor is renouncing the throne in front of Odin, has extremely dodgy visuals. It may have just been the lighting.

Now who was really surprised that it was actually Loki pretending to be Odin at the end? Not this guy. I wasn’t even close to being fooled by Loki amputating Thor’s hammer-holding hand either. He’s the god of mischief remember and it seems he’ll have a big role to play in Thor 3 if it gets the green light. I’m not entirely convinced the world needs another solo effort from the Asgardian though.

Marvel Studios

Next on the marvel slate is the impressive-looking (trailer-wise) Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. The latter was alluded to in the ever-present Marvel mid-credit scene. I can pretty much guarantee the general movie-going public will have no clue what that scene was all about. My limited knowledge tells me Marvel is building towards the Infinity Gauntlet which I only know involves Thanos trying to get some powerful stones together, putting them in a glove and ruling the universe, naturally.