Yesterday I watched as Djokovic threw away his chance at another Wimbledon title. Ok ‘threw away’ might be too harsh. After all, he was coming off that mammoth 5-setter against Del Petro. A semi-final which was far better than the final itself, as is so often the case. Hell, it happened just a month ago in the French Open when Djokovic absolutely fluffed (not being harsh this time) his opportunity to bag his first Roland Garros trophy against Nadal in the semis. In the final, Nadal, of course, would swat Ferrer aside on his way to an 8th title.

Now all of England is ecstatic because a British man has won Wimbledon for the first time in 77 years. Last time I checked Scotland and England are separate countries so only part of the UK should be over the moon at the moment. I mean, English fans don’t support the Scottish football team do they?

My frustration at Djokovic losing prompted me to analyse the failings of the other sports teams I support. After a good couple of hours furiously fiddling with Instacollage and constantly suppressing the urge to defenestrate my iPhone, I was able to come up with that masterpiece above. Suffice to say I’m a pro with collage apps now.

Moral of the story, it’s tough being a sports fan.

I’m not fussy about basketball but when I do watch I always cheer for the underdog. I always wanted the Bulls to lose as well when Jordan was playing. I do have an added bias against the Heat though for the way Lebron publicised his move to Miami.

Anyway, it’s football and cricket that are most important, the latter becoming increasingly less so. Both my teams, Liverpool FC and West Indies, were completely dominant in the ’80s and part of the 90’s I guess, but now they’re just about scraping by on their history with the occasional barely noteworthy triumph here and there. In recent times, the Carling Cup and T20 Cup respectively.

Nevertheless, I’m never going to stop supporting them, I’ve never been one to jump on a bandwagon, although if Djokovic doesn’t handle his business at the US Open I may just have to board the Murray one.

I’m confident (more hopeful if I’m honest) the glory days will return, for both teams, in my lifetime.

Despite what the last line of the photo says, I actually love sports. I think they might be the best thing in this world. And there’s nothing better than supporting LFC and the Windies. Fine, the lows are bottomless pit low but that just makes the rare highs so much more exhilarating.

Our time will come again.