Watched Evil Dead last night. Another dud unfortunately. Poor writing, poor acting, not even remotely creepy. I suppose the visuals were pretty good but overall I’m happy I skipped it at the cinema.

I love movies, I’ll watch almost anything. On many occasions though, probably too many in fact,  I end up feeling disappointed or wishing I hadn’t wasted 2 hours of my life. Despite this, I always come back for more. Jesus I’ve seen some rubbish. I’m not nearly as bad as my Dad mind you. Probably shouldn’t have taught him how to use piratebay.

I watch a lot of television too. There are some shows I have to see every episode of: Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Man, I used to watch Happy Endings (fuck you again ABC), Game of Thrones, Californication, Suits (wait that’s returning soon, excellent!), Supernatural.

Then there are others like NCIS, Person of Interest and Elementary. The procedurals. I regularly tune in for these but recently I’ve found myself doing other equally unproductive things, like checking Twitter, while they’re on in the background. I feel like episodes of these shows are just recycled week after week (that’s why it’s called a procedural, duh!).

I bet you’re wondering if I have a point here and I do. Well actually it’s more of a question. Am I wasting precious hours of my existence watching, not only these monotonous procedurals, but tv and movies in general?

Tv shows and movies provide instant gratification whether it be through comedy or great action or suspense. But more often than not, it’s fleeting. You watch them and then almost immediately forget about them. Rare exceptions are movies that make you think a bit like Prometheus or Inception. Or movies and tv shows that you can watch over and over. Like the good comic book movies, Family Guy and Friends. But in general, what value is being added to my life, really?

So, should I abandon the boob tube in favour of more worthwhile pursuits? Some actual boobs perhaps?

I’ll give you a hint, it’s highly unlikely. I can see myself dropping the procedurals but that just makes room for me to catch up on the talkies.