A few hours ago I watched Brazil demolish Italy 4-2 in their final group game of the Confed Cup. Ok, demolish might be too strong a word and the final score flattered Brazil if I’m honest. With 3 wins out of 3 though, I’m starting to wonder if this team can do something spectacular in a years time on their own turf.

But that isn’t the burning question right now. What I’m asking myself and what every football fan worldwide should be asking too is, how do we get to Brazil in 2014?

Tickets go on sale in August 2013 I believe, even though the actual draw for the competition won’t be made until December. The only team you could possibly plan a schedule around right now is Brazil themselves and that might not be such a bad idea, especially if you’re team isn’t getting anywhere near the World Cup (like mine, Jamaica).

From my extensive 2 minutes of research I have gleaned that if the ticketing process is anything like South Africa’s 4 years ago [shit has it already been 3 years since the last World Cup? What the fuck have I done with my life!???? Ok, stay on course, we’ll deal with that later] then you’ll be able to buy a single ticket that’ll allow you to follow one team through the entire tournament.

Now, if I make it to Brazil, it would seem almost criminal to not see the home team play but if there’s one person I’d love to see live, it’s Lionel Messi. I have a feeling he might just prove all those ‘he hasn’t done it for his national team so he can’t be the best’ doubters wrong and carry his team like Maradona did in 1986.

So suppose I bought an Argentina ticket and they made it to the final, perhaps having to play Brazil on the way or maybe even meeting in an all South American showdown for the cup, now that would be something to remember.

I’m going to be 30 by the time the World Cup kicks off so getting there would be a fantastic belated birthday present but it all seems like so much work not to mention moola. Plane fare, accommodation, ticket prices, how long to stay, group stage or knockout round, TOO MANY QUESTIONS!! I’d love it if someone could just sort it all out for me and just quote me a figure. It’d also be nice if I knew someone who’s actually planning on making the trip.

I’m thinking of applying for a credit card for the sole reason that the bank is offering a grand prize of a trip for 2 to Brazil. It’s only for 4 days and you only get to see one match but it would be better than nothing, right? The competition is open to the entire Caribbean though so my chances of winning are slim.

Anyway, here’s the thing, I made it to Anfield, I’ve been to the US Open and I went to a cricket world cup match (albeit right here in JA) so why not the greatest sporting spectacle on earth? (No, the Olympics doesn’t even come close.)